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Artisan Cheese Making Kit - Make mozzarella, ricotta, goat chevre, paneer and queso blanco

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Artisan Cheese Making Kit - Make mozzarella, ricotta, goat chevre, paneer and queso blanco: Our Artisan Cheese Making Kit makes 5 different cheeses: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Chèvre, Paneer, and Queso Blanco.Now you can have an endless supply of yummy cheeses! Our Artisan Cheese Making Kit makes it easy to create up to five delicious cheeses from across the globe: Italian Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses, French Chèvre, Indian Paneer, and Mexican Queso Blanco. It’s so fast and easy to make your own homemade cheese, you’ll never have to go without cheese again! Our complete instructions will easily guide you through the various techniques involved in cheese making. You’ll have five delicious cheeses in no time!Give the gift of cheese! Friends and family will be delighted to receive a bag or jar of your custom cheese—or give this kit to the cheese lovers and home chefs on your list!Why You’ll Love It: This kit makes a great weekend activity for the whole family! Add to the fun by customizing your homemade cheeses with herbs and spices! We like to mix the spices of our cheese’s homelands with their offerings—such as queso fresco with cumin, aniseed paneer, and truffle oil chèvre. Discover your own flavor pairings and create homemade cheeses that are truly unique! Or assign a cheese to each family member, so there is always an exciting new flavor of cheese waiting in your fridge!What You’ll Get:• Citric acid• Cheese salt• Cheesecloth• Rennet tablets• Cheese molds• Thermometer • InstructionsWhat You’ll Need:• Goat’s milk• Cow’s milkManufactured in Portland, Oregon by Grow and Make. We are committed to producing high quality, naturally sustainable products. 5805312577 1010

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