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Deluxe DIY Body Lotion Kit (makes six bottles of lotion)

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Deluxe DIY Body Lotion Kit (makes six bottles of lotion): Make your own body lotion at home with our Deluxe Body Lotion Kit! Our kit gives you what you need to make 6 lotions (in PET-free plastic bottles) - free of toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients! The homemade result is nourishing, non-greasy and great for many different types of skin. You'll never want to go back to storebought again!Kit Includes:6 8oz blue PET-free plastic bottles with lids3 colorants: red, yellow and blue3 high quality essential oils: lavender, blood orange, and     cedarwood6 customizable labelsPotassium sorbateStearic acidAlmond oilCitric acid1 funnelComplete instructions What you'll need: WaterManufactured by Grow and Make, in Portland, Oregon.Total satisfaction guaranteedWe are committed to producing high quality, all natural, sustainable products. . 5301131841 1060

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