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Deluxe DIY Goats Milk Making Soap Kit

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Deluxe DIY Goats Milk Making Soap Kit: This kit contains everything you need to make up to 16 soap bars using plant-based essential oil scents. This is a great kit for your first try at soap making! Our soap kits use the heat-and-pour method which is super quick and simple! Our soap bases are biodegradable and never tested on animals, and our soap molds are made of recycled plastic.  What You’ll Get:• Goats milk glycerine soap base• 8 soap molds (4 per sheet)• 3 essential oils: Cedarwood, Blood Orange, Lavender• 3 body-safe colorants: Red, Yellow and Blue • High quality thermometer• Instructions 5300393601 1079

Only $45.95 - Click here to buy now!