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Toddler Tote Playset

The Toddler Tote Playset from Patch Products is an assortment of play activities that entertain little ones and help them learn. In addition to having fun with basic pegging and puzzle-making, children will learn about shapes, colors and numbers. The...

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Mirari myPhone Baby Toy

The Mirari myPhone Baby Toy features twelve lighup icons with fun songs and sounds that activate when pressed. Children can hear the ABC song, a lullaby, camera snapshot sounds and more. An additional feature of this play cell phone is its record and...

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Mirari myPad Play Tablet

This Mirari myPad Play Tablet features twenty colorful light-up images and forty fun sounds and phrases that activate when children press the arrow buttons. Each image a child navigates to results in a fun sound or educational phrase. Children will have...

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