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Authentic Wood Stopper

Made by Jacob Bromwell® in small batches, our wood stoppers are made exclusively for our Great American Flask. If you rely on your flask regularly, you know how important it is to keep your flask looking beautiful and authentic. After years of use, you...

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Napa Valley Wine Coasters

These are the ultimate wine coasters! Banish unsightly rings from your table or bar top with our hand-spun Napa Valley Wine Coasters. These special copper coasters add a touch of class, while the insulating properties will help keep your wine cold a little...

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1819 Silver Vodka

For nearly two centuries, Jacob Bromwell® has made a name for itself producing American-made drinking vessels, housewares, and men’s accessories. Now we’re proud to introduce our very own silver vodka, named after the year our founder Jacob Bromwell established...

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Pioneer Tea Kettle

As functional as it is attractive, our Pioneer Tea Kettle is handcrafted from pure copper, and is ideal for heating water for coffee, tea, or cocoa. A true collector's item you can actually use, it's made the same way it was hundreds of years ago. Pioneers...

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Stealth Edition Flask

Great things come from the Green State known as Vermont...maple syrup, cheese, and our famous copper screw-top drinking vessel known as The Vermonter Flask! Similar in size and shape to our best-selling Great American Flask, this unique flask features...

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Bright Stainless Polish

Developed by Jacob Bromwell®, our exclusive formula promises to clean and restore the color and shine on your fine stainless steel products. Fast-acting and odor-free, our stainless steel cream is specially-formulated and promises to erase any discoloration...

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Old Country Spice Jar

Copper jars have long been associated with some of America's greatest thinkers and writers. That includes several U.S. Presidents, writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Samuel Clemens, and even noted genius Albert Einstein. Perhaps they were on to something....

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The Little Sipper

America's earliest settlers did not have the luxury of modern thermoses to keep their beverages ice cold or warm to their liking. But they did have The Little Sipper, a staple made by Jacob Bromwell® artisans since 1819. Small in size but not in stature,...

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Fluted Shot Glasses

Our founding fathers may not have debated whether liquor should be taken straight our mixed with drinks, but one thing is for sure - if you want your liquor straight, these unique Fluted Shot Glasses by Jacob Bromwell® will get the job done in style....

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Old West Shot Glasses

Legend has it that back in the Old West, cowboys would trade a bullet cartridge for a small amount of alcohol, and the shot glass proved the perfect size to do the trick. Fact or myth, our manly Old West Shot Glasses will make you feel right at home as...

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