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The Lighter Side of Cheese

Blessed are the Cheesemakers
-- Popular TagLine


Do you want some cheese with your whine??
-- Popular TagLine


But I, when I undress me/ Each night, upon my knees Will ask the Lord to bless me/ With apple pie and cheese!
-- Eugene Field


Cheese -- The adult form of milk
-- Richard Condon


Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese
-- Popular TagLine


Have you ever thought what Swiss cheese might smell like if it wasn't ventilated?
-- Popular TagLine


How did the guy inventing cottage cheese know it was done?
-- Popular TagLine


I eat swiss cheese. But I only nibble on it. I make the holes bigger.
-- Steve Wright


This place certainly reeks of hospitality and good cheer, or maybe it's this cheese.
-- Jean Harlow


I love Velveeta, have some cheese, Tom said craftily.
-- Popular TagLine


If you want to clear your system out, sit on a piece of cheese and swallow a mouse.
-- Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show."


The cat ate the cheese and waited by the mouse hole with baited breath
-- Popular TagLine


The cheese betrays the milk.
-- Finnish Proverb


The four foods groups: cheese, wine, olives and sausage.
-- Popular TagLine


The human body is 86 percent water, 14 percent macaroni & cheese
-- Popular TagLine


The moon is made of a green cheese.
-- J. Heywood


The widespread belief that Yuppies as a class would perish

from Brie-cheese poisoning turned out to be over-optimistic.
-- The Rise of the Overdass (Newsweek, July 31 1995)


To catch a mouse, make a noise like a cheese
-- Popular TagLine


What makes cheese so confidential that we actually need cheese shredders?
-- Popular TagLine


You could eat processed cheese but Why would you?
-- Popular TagLine


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